Interviewing Tips and Stuff

1. The interview is usually won or lost in the first five minutes. Most interviewers will make up their minds within this time frame and spend the rest of the time confirming their original impression. Every person carries their own, unique persona that is invisibly transmitted to everyone in the room. Bring your very best, positively charged attitude.

2. There are four things a potential employer thinks about when they first meet you. These are questions that go through their mind like crap through a goose:

  • Do I know you?
  • Do I like you?
  • Do you understand my needs?
  • Are you the best for me in this particular situation?

3. Having great references, endorsements, and testimonials can be powerful allies. I believe that what people say about you should come from people who you worked for, with and people who worked for you. Vendors can be good references, too. However, be very careful about manipulating non-solicited testimonials. I’ve seen this strategy backfire more times than succeed.

4. Try to give them just the time – not how to build a watch. Keep your answers to 60 seconds or less. Remember what the interviewer is looking for…….see #2.

5. Focus on that what’s most important. There one or two key technical requirements for success. Know them. Be ready to discuss and see #2.

6. Tell stories. People remember stories more than facts. Marry your accomplishment to a story and most people will remember both. Remember the ‘watch thing’. Fly at 30,000 feet. Allow the interview to probe. This is his/her job. Let them take you into the weeds. You won’t get lost that way.

7. You must come prepared. You will be hired because you can make money for the company. Understand their business. Know how they make money. Ask business related questions. A lot of times your value will be determined by the information you gather, not dispense.

8. Be yourself. See #2.

There is lot more of this stuff, but I promised to keep these blogs short. I like short blogs.

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