The Human Resources Strategic Business Plan

Transitioning HR from a transactional function to a human capital business asset

“Definition of Human Capital: A company’s human capital asset is the collective sum of the attributes, life experience, knowledge, inventiveness, energy and enthusiasm that its people choose to invest in their work.” -SHRM Research Quarterly

Expectations are clear for Human Resources (according to research from the Society for Human Resources Management):

  • Align people strategies with business goals
  • Manage organizational change
  • Partner with front line leaders
  • Identify and develop future leaders
  • Create structures and cultures that promote loyalty and productivity
  • Choose cost-effective HR solutions
  • Demonstrate knowledge of business
  • Provide strategic advice while delivering superior HR services

What gets measured; gets done. The common issue is that too many HR departments cannot easily address these expectations due to lack of data. To keep a seat at the table, HR has to know which human capital practices add the most value.

Components of a Strategic HR Business Plan

  • Company’s strategic plan
  • Pre-work questionnaire for HR dept
  • Strategic business questionnaire for company’s business leaders regarding:
    • Market Issues
    • Leadership Issues
    • HR Issues
  • One day work session
    • Defining a human capital business leader
    • Human Resources Evolution
    • Assess
    • Analyze
    • Achieve
    • Action
  • Two hour quarterly follow up sessions

An organizations’ number one competitive advantage is the people who work there. The people are the business.