Executive Outplacement

A Different Approach

Other transition firms fight over their piece of the pie. Our strategy is to add to the pie. This service was created to be different. Our goal is to become a trusted resource. To be put on the spot, under pressure and deservedly valued. When planning for each fiscal year, large outplacement firms pick a profit number and then obsess over it.

Trying to hit this number demands that they start tweaking their services. They can tweak the specifics of an executive program or increase their consultant to client ratio or substitute web-based for personalized coaching and make the numbers go up. And, over time, fundamentally change their executive service deliverable.

We obsess over different things. Things like how our clients feel. How we can impact an executive’s transition blueprint. Do our service offerings reflect current trends? How many clients recommended us?

By tracking these metrics, the differentiator is clearer, the value increases and our referral base grows.

We serve a specific niche in the executive space and offering customized components that are far richer than those currently available in today’s market. We are looking forward to having conversations with those who qualify, focusing on three basic questions.
Can you trust us?
Are we worth the investment?
Do you really matter to us?
It’s the little things that mean the most. People may not remember exactly what we did or what we said, but they will always remember how we made them feel.

We are available 24/7 because this is what we would expect.

Brad Smith