Executive Coaching

Talking points

Executive coaching is a component of leadership development; part of the overall leadership strategy. It should be linked to core business values and business requirements and integrated with assessment and learning.

Specific business challenges where executive coaching can make a difference:

  • Developing and retaining talented individuals for succession planning purposes
  • Helping the individual who is taking on a new role in the organization
  • Achieving cohesion within critical teams, especially in times of leadership change
  • On boarding a new employee for faster time-to-competency
  • Helping business leaders cope with the pressure of leading organizational change
  • Helping a key executive to soften the hard edges

Business Performance Coaching Model:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • How will you and the organization know when you get there?

An organization can identify coaching candidates by answering these basic questions:

  • Is the executive motivated?
  • Is there a clear development need?
  • Is the executive coachable?
  • Does he/she have the support of the organization?
  • Is he/she worth the investment?

The answers to all of the above need to be a definite YES. If not, coaching is not the answer. Don’t spend the money. Executive Coaching Offerings We offer four executive coaching solutions to address four distinct business challenges:

  • Career Impact coaching enables executives in mission critical roles to overcome and sustain a new level of behavior.
  • High Potential Development coaching prepares your current high performers for tomorrow’s leadership challenges.
  • Onboarding/Role Change coaching accelerates effectiveness in new roles.
  • Team Effectiveness coaching leverages individual and collective leadership strengths to create a cohesive, high-performing unit.