Lucky or Good?

Most of the time losing clarifies the lesson and winning (too quickly) obscures it. This is why amateur salespeople so often fail to become professionals. This is why one-off sports analogy stories make no sense. Success too quickly doesn’t allow us to get really good at something. The easier it comes the more we expect it to always be there. The only thing more sad than the self-limiting arrogance... Continue reading

Ruts and Stuff

My dad defined a rut as a grave with both ends kicked out. We all get into ruts. Most are easier to get into than get out of especially the dreaded job search rut. Job search ruts are also referred to a ‘buzzard luck’ because you can’t kill anything and nothing will die for you. We spend a lot of time looking for the right answer to a question we are afraid to ask. Most of the time... Continue reading

New Consulting Business?

If you are planning to start your own consulting practice, here are some questions that might help you with your planning: 1. What do you do that someone is going to pay you to do it? 2. Do you have a business plan? Have you shared it with anyone? 3. What is your top priority? 4. What is the business problem(s) you will be trying to solve for your customers? 5. What have you accomplished to be considered... Continue reading

Mentor or Coach

Mentor or Coach? So which is which? Mentoring – how things get done in the organization. A mentor is the internal guide and can help an individual navigate organizational roadblocks. Coaching – how to win as a leader. A coach provides feedback about how individuals can reach their personal best in their organizational leadership role. Mentor Internal adviser Counselor Guide Tutor Teacher Best Practices... Continue reading

A Blog: In less than 50 words

Keys to Success It’s really not that complicated although a lot of people have made a lot of money trying. Here are mine. 1. Show up on time. 2. Do what you say you will. 3. Finish what you start. 4. Say please and thank you. It’s the little things that count. Continue reading

16 Ways to E—-X—-T—-E—-N—-D Your Job Search

Seeking advice from the wrong people I have learned that I should never seek advice from someone who is more screwed up than I am. If you are looking for professional help, find a professional who knows what he/she is talking about. If an employment coach is not in your budget then find a mentor who you respect and who is where you would like to be someday. Remember anyone who has a job is not necessarily... Continue reading

Different Stuff

If you are in transition. If you are thinking about a transition. If you are not in transition and you are worried you might be soon, then you might want to skim through this stuff. It’s like chicken soup………it couldn’t hurt. • Create a newsletter for every one in your network on the same day every month even when you’re not asking for anything. Just to keep them... Continue reading

Making Stuff Happen

In theory, looking for your next full time position is a ‘full time position’. In practice, it rarely is. Lewis Newman is one of the few who put the theory into practice. I met Lewis last year when he became a member of a senior executive networking group that I have the honor of facilitating. Here is how he did it. 1. LinkedIn® • Established a high ranking profile for both CFO and Controller... Continue reading


Business is about results, not reasons. Are you leaving behind an easily found trail of accomplishments? Companies are interested in what you’ve done especially if what you’ve done has made money for the your company. And you can prove it. It is important to regularly note what you produce in a log or journal or find some other way to keep track because a short pencil is better than a long... Continue reading

Memorial Day

For those who have fought and died for it, freedom has a taste that the protected will never know. Take a moment to reflect. It’s not about having Monday off. It’s about honoring and remembering the people who gave up all their tomorrows so we could have ours. Fly your flag proudly this weekend. Continue reading

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