What I’ve Learned

One morning when I was 15 my dad, sister and I were leaving the house on our way to school. My dad noticed our neighbor’s five year old boy sitting in front of his house crying. We walked over to him and my dad asked, “Tommy, why are you crying?” Tommy told us that his dog was hit by a car and was dead. Then he looked at my dad and asked, “Mr. Smith, will my dog go to heaven?” My dad... Continue reading

Courage Under Fire

The finest person I ever knew once told me that it’s not what we accomplish in life, but what we overcome that counts. I’ve thought of these words quite often over the years, but never more so than when, in 1991, my best friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I was with him when his surgeon told him he had about six months to live and I pray that if I am ever the recipient of similar news,... Continue reading

Burn Your Ships

When the Spanish explorer, Hernando Cortez, landed at Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico in the 16th century, one of the first things he did was burn his ships. His goal was to conquer this new land by pushing west to the Pacific. By burning his ships he eliminated the possibility that his men would lose heart and sail back to Spain. The presence of the ships gave Cortez’s forces an alternative if... Continue reading

16 Ways to E—X—T—E—N—D Your Job Search

Seeking advise from the wrong people I have learned that I should never seek advise from someone who is more screwed up than I am. If you are looking for professional help, find a professional who knows what he/she is talking about. If an employment coach is not in your budget then find a mentor who you respect and who is where you would like to be someday. Remember anyone who has a job is not necessarily... Continue reading