Brad Smith gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. His unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but Brad’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Brad did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, and proved to be right 100% of the time with his observations, opinions, and suggestions. I name Brad as one of the top contributors to the success that I enjoy as a business professional today.”

Jim Charles, Chief Digital Officer,SaaS Industry

sherry-levisBrad is a very seasoned career coach. His insight and advice were extremely helpful. He was always available to provide coaching. Very helpful in formulating next steps. Very personable style!

Sherry Levis, Global Supply Chain & Logistics Executive

I have worked with coaches in the past and know fit and trust are important. I expect deep experience and adaptability. Brad is in a class of his own. He focuses on “stuff that works”. This has two aspects to it: It has to work for you the client and it has to get you to where you want to go. Do not expect a standard program that is used with everyone. He tailors his approach to an individual’s unique personality and qualifications. He is a quick study of people and establishes an executable plan in short order. Brad is a straight shooter and is not there to stroke a person’s ego. If he has criticism, it is always constructive. In fact, you embrace all feedback because you know you will get to success faster. He is truly a professional’s professional and I am glad to have him in my court.

Andrew Mittag, Member of Advisory Board at Puritas Capital, LLC

Brad Smith is THE person you want on your side when looking for a new opportunity in the D/FW area. After getting to know me (a step Brad takes seriously), he invited me to attend the Tarrant County Senior Executive Group, which he chairs, and he immediately became a trusted advisor and mentor for me in my search. He combines a deep knowledge of the transition ‘arena’ with both superb coaching ability and common sense. He has a great approach to life and knows how to help you focus your transition (an endeavor no one really wants to be good at). Brad knows the market, what it takes to be successful, and how to guide you along the way. In my case, the fact that Brad is a veteran made our connection even more tangible. Bottom line – he helped me focus my efforts and be successful in my transition. Brad has been a true asset to me, and I consider myself fortunate to have had him in my corner.

Jim Taylor, PMP RSI Visual Systems

Pamela FrostIf you are searching for a no-nonsense coach to help you understand your career options and potential next steps, I highly recommend Brad Smith. Twice in my career Brad has provided valuable insight and guidance – he really makes you think about what makes you different, and what you need to do to be seen as different in this crowded executive marketplace. Get to know Brad, and you’ll also get to know yourself better too. Thank you Brad!

Pamela Frost, Director, IT PMO; Young Presidents

Thanks to Brad’s no-nonsense coaching, I developed the confidence to take charge of my career. He guided me from not knowing what to put on a resume to being able to attract and secure a job in my desired field. I recommend anyone in transition invest in themselves through Brad’s services.

Darryl Bennett, Bennett Audio

mary-t-welshBrad is an experienced Executive Coach and Mentor that customizes his approach and process to meet the goals of each client. With his deep understanding of organizational dynamics, and his straight forward approach, Brad successfully guides executives through career transitions and helps them reach their career aspirations. Brad has a personality and presence that makes the coaching relationship and process relaxed, fun and highly effective. Enjoyed working with Brad…you will too!

Mary Welsh

Allen AndressProfessional, articulate, straight shooting career and outplacement coach are just a few words that describe Brad. Brads no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach is backed by years of experience and an astute understanding of the challenges, tools and processes needed to successfully navigate today’s executive job search. Brad lives by his mantra “to be a trusted resource; to be put on the spot, under pressure and deservedly valued”.

I highly recommend Brad to any executive in transition or needing executive coaching services.

Allen Andress, VP & GM OMADA, International Pro Fab Division

Two years ago, I asked a friend to recommend someone that could help me transition my executive career. I was introduced to Brad Smith and I have worked with him ever since. As a retired Marine Corps Colonel and a C-level business executive for the past seven years, having a real coach and confidant in your corner is invaluable. Brad is a no nonsense, down to earth subject matter expert who is as willing to help, as you are willing to do the things necessary to succeed. Whether you are a transitioning military officer, an established business executive looking to move, or a just graduated business hopeful, I would recommend that you contact Brad—he’ll give you the unvarnished truth and set you on the right path.

Juergen Baron Lukas, Co-Owner & Founder Baronof Land & Cattle LLC, Colonel USMC (retired)

Brad is a great resource and sounding board. He asks good questions. He cuts to the chase and provides valuable feedback. He is creative, experienced, and honest. I would recommend Brad to any executive in transition.

Monty Milliner, COO, SMB Suite, Dallas, TX

michael-e-andersonSuperior common sense coaching and mentoring by Brad and his team directed my focus to resume development, networking, interview preparation, and personal strength review. This exceptional guidance was key in my landing a great position with a leading manufacturing company in a period of 2 months. His anecdotes and contemporary way of thinking make his coaching style very successful. I am fortunate to have come in contact with such a good person.

Michael E. Anderson, Director of Operations, Mining

john-wechsler-mba-cpaI admire Brad’s ability to deliver a heavy dose of reality and challenge you to do what needs to be done, but to do so in a way that demonstrates compassion and humor. Behind his folksy style is a deep repertoire of tools and strategies that are essential to an executive level job search. He is a consummate pro and a great guy.

John Wechsler, Chief Financial Officer

john-simoneI had the pleasure of meeting Brad in 2011. It became obvious to me very quickly how passionate and committed Brad is when it comes to coaching and developing people. He challenges his clients while being very thoughtful and inspiring. Brad is great coach, advisor and will motivate you to hold yourself accountable to your goals and objectives. I would recommend Brad to any executive that wants to invest in themselves or needs transition assistance.

John Simone, President, LinkAmerica

Brad is just what he says – a no nonsense career consultant! He provided practical coaching that was relevant and timely to the transition I was making in my career. His long term experience made him an invaluable partner in setting and meeting goals. When working with Brad I learned a lot about myself and came to realizations about career potential. I highly recommend Brad if you’re not sure what your next step is.

Regina Miano, Vice President Leadership Development, Nationstar Mortgage

ruth-bassham-sphrBrad is a business partner I’ve been glad to have in my corner on more than one occasion. First, as a recipient of his services when BN Railroad had their mass layoff prior to their merger, then buying his services from the other side of the table as an HR Manager at FDC. Our paths have crossed more informally on several occasions, and I’ve learned so much from him. I admire his down-to-earth, yet creative, approach to solutions. He’s a one-of-a-kind advisor, and he’ll be worth your time and money.

Ruth Bassham, Human Resource Manager G4S Integrated Services

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Brad Smith as a talented, knowledgeable and dependable professional. I have known Brad for 10 years and he has assisted me with a difficult employee termination/transition, guided me through my own transistion, and now he is working with my son through his career transition. Brad is well known in the community for his expertise, commitment to customer service and his amiable personality.

Gina McKenzie, CPM, SPHR, Ft Worth, TX

anthony-dinota“Going through a career transition can be a difficult and uncertain process, having someone of Brad’s experience guide me along the process made my transision very smooth & brief. He is very knowledgeable of modern techniques to help me gain visibility via the electronic medium- but also has the soft skills to help an executive reflect on what direction they should go in the future. If you find yourself in transition I would highly recommend Brad Smith’s services.”

Anthony DiNota, Vice President of Sales

Brad is a personable professional whose insights I found critical to my navigation through the stormy seas of transition from military to civilian life. His expertise and skilled advice generated perspective that could only be gained after 25 years of human resource and talent management experience. Do you need a career coach in transition, only if it is Brad Smith.

Sam Nelson, Colonel, USMC (Retired)

andrew-fortunatoBrad is a first rate coach and mentor. Years of experience, combined with unmatched industry expertise, make Brad an exceptional choice for coaching and transition needs. He is truly a pleasure to work with. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Brad.

Andrew Fortunato, Marketing Consultant Lt Colonel USMC

chris-soignierBrad provided outplacement services to me during my recent career transition. He immediately spurred momentum in my job search, giving me clear, actionable to do’s to focus my time and energy where it would yield the greatest results. Brad was always available to consult with, and offered solid advice. Searching for a new job is never fun, but he made it much less painful.

Chris Soignier, Credit & Finance Manager

danyelle-keenan-sphrI have known Brad for years. During this time there is one thing that stands out – he knows his stuff! Brad is the person you call on when you need an expert on a panel. He has the right answer at the right time. I enjoy my conversations with Brad because although he’ll have forgotten more than I’ll ever know, he never talks down to you, he communicates to enlighten and educate, and he is full of wisdom. There is no wonder executives seek his advice and assistance while in transition. Brad is a class act all the way.

Danyelle Keenan, Director of Human Resources

carol-davis-aia-cfm-chfm-iapBrad is a man of deep understanding, expert knowledge and has the unique ability to discover issues that may be unknown even to his client. His expertise and depth of knowledge are evident in his ability to propose personal solutions and coach his clients to success. His deliverables are well crafted, superior and make solid sense. Besides his expert abilities he is a delight to work with and a benevolent individual with a great sense of humor. There is no one I would give a higher, more robust, positive recommendation.

Carol Davis, MArch, AIA, CFM, CFMJ

I had the pleasure of meeting Brad in 2011. It became obvious to me very quickly how passionate and committed Brad is when it comes to coaching and developing people. He challenges his clients while being very thoughtful and inspiring. Brad is great coach, advisor and will motivate you to hold yourself accountable to your goals and objectives. I would recommend Brad to any executive that wants to invest in themselves or needs transition assistance.

John Simone - President, LinkAmerica

elizabeth-feigenbaumI worked with Brad for about 6 months. I was trying to find direction for myself in the work force but I was an anxious, confused mess instead. Brad helped because he was able to create a process for me in an area I really didn’t understand. He gave me the tools I needed to ask the right questions and to move myself forward in the job market. We catered a strategy based on my strengths to tackle goals we set out to accomplish. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking to forward their careers, find direction, or simply to make a change. He roots for my success and unequivocally pushes me in the right direction.

Elizabeth Feigenbaum - RareWire, Kansas City, MO

bill-uriellFirst, I wanted to give an endorsement for Brad Smith and the service he provides. Regardless if you are currently employed or if you are in transition and working for a career change, Brad is a guy you need to connect with. He listens and his advice is right on the money. Brad gave me great coaching and insight on my resume, and great advice prior to my interviews. In addition, Brad gave me great advice when you had other options to consider. He can really helps you with the pros and cons of a particular opportunity. He has a lot of common sense and he was always available to discuss particular concerns and or opportunities. He has a lot of experience helping executives in transition and he is a great asset throughout the process. Finally, he will help you with your Networking activities from Linked In to finding quality transition groups. I really enjoyed my time working with Brad and I know the transition process was much more productive due to his coaching and help. I plan on staying in touch with Brad and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in transition or considering a career change.
Thank you Brad and I am really glad I had the opportunity to work with you in this process.

Bill Uriell - Regional Vice President of Sales Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jim HooverDo you need a no-nonsense approach to executive transition, then connect with Brad Smith. When I needed advice, I found Brad to be extremely knowledgeable and connected. His counsel is fact based, truthful and spot on. He has a keen sense of executive strategy for individuals and organizations that support their respective transitions. He offers creative alternatives to problems and is an excellent listener. Brad’s ability to assimilate the salient points of a situation and re-frame the issues in an easy to understand manner cut through the chase of the executive transition process for both the individual and the Company. Highly recommended!

Jim Hoover, CPA, Controller

jerry-sanders-banking-executiveI was fortunate to be able to utilize Brad through my job transition during the first quarter of 2012. Not only is Brad a great communicator and motivator, but he knows how to encourage and hold accountable those that need regular support. I witnessed his incredible ability to meaningfully interact with and stretch many c-level individuals from different industries and skills. I valued his services and the friendship developed in a short period of time. I have and will continue to recommend him highly to those in need of career coaching.

Jerry Sanders - SVP Banking Executive

There were some economic highs and lows during my tenure at BNSF Railway that at times resulted in a reduction in our workforce. We had a strong and loyal workforce and any reductions required deep reflection on the treatment of the employees who were leaving us as well as the employees who remained. Brad Smith was great with both groups: he helped exiting employees move through the process of grieving their loss to being excited about their future. He also helped train our management on the best way to assure and support our remaining employees. We made it through many difficult reductions because of the expertise and support provided by Brad Smith.

I remember especially a senior employee who was exiting and having a particularly difficult time adjusting to that decision. Brad worked with this employee tirelessly ensuring that the employee was able to reach a positive mindset and a positive future.

Jeanne Michalski - Former Vice President Human Resources BNSF Railway

tom-schafer-organization-change-leadershipBrad Smith is terrific! He brings to his coaching insights, challenges, questions, options and recommendations that clarify one’s reality/situation and most probable actions for success. He asks tough questions. He listens. He encourages specific steps, adding likely outcomes for taking or not taking such steps. Brad steers people to resources which provide personal insight and/or helps a person learn how to better address upcoming interactions. This is a highly skilled professional who achieves, and guides others to achieve, results.

Tom Schafer - Organization Change & Leadership

foy-wallaceBrad Smith has been a trusted resource for me since 2000. Brad delivered excellent outplacement services, organizational development and executive coaching for my previous organization. When we needed advice or a resource we called Brad. Brad is extremely knowledgeable and connected. His counsel is highly respected and valued. He tells the truth even when the truth is hard to tell. Every time you interact with Brad you will laugh or smile at something he says. He has a talent for helping make people more successful and doing the same for organizations.

Foy E. Wallace - Director, Global Benefits, Payroll & HR Operations at Dresser-Rand

christine-m-glascoBrad is an unusual talent. He has a way of looking at talent needs, competencies, corporate HR executive requirements and business imperatives that is more discerning than most. Brad’s background is eclectic: business development executive, executive coach, executive search, career transition coach, mentor and entrepreneur. This combination of experience and competencies makes him a formidable leader regardless of the endeavor.

I have known and worked with Brad for the last thirteen years. I recommend Brad as an executive coach, business leader and marketplace key influencer who always achieves optimal results.

Christine M. Glasco - Executive Coach & Career Coach

mark-zanottoI consider myself fortunate to know and to have the experience of working with Brad Smith since 2006. It is not often that you find a partner with the professionalism and commitment that Brad brings to the business relationship. He is a straight forward and pragmatic leader who brings unique and effective expertise in executive coaching and career transition counseling. As an HR Executive, I have come to count on Brad’s ability to work with my senior executives who are in the midst of a personal career transition; knowing that he will provide them the highest level of support and coaching available but in a format that is customizable to meet the needs of each individual. Brad’s honesty, humor, and direct approach, challenge the individual to think clearly about the reality of their situation; helping them to distill down the emotion and overwhelming information into key factors that allow them to make effective decisions. I can recommend him with the highest confidence to both companies and individuals looking for support in the areas of executive coaching and executive transition services.

Mark Zanotto - VP Human Resources and Administration, NEC Corporation of America

dale-weissBrad’s no-nonsense approach is a welcome relief in today’s world of ambiguity. In a transition, his common sense advice helps you successfully navigate through what is always a confusing maze of activity.

Dale Weiss - SVP CommCorp Consulting

Brad has an exceptional skill at cutting through the clutter, getting to the point…and helping you get results. He aligns seamlessly at the senior management level. If you are an executive at any phase of transition, talk with Brad…you will be glad you did.

Todd Cole - Sr. Manager, Global Business Development at Electro Rent Corporation

teri-hiresBrad places his clients at the forefront of everything he does which is a key component in his outstanding career. But it’s more than that. Brad is one of those people who never met a stranger. While his sense of humor allows him to make easy connections, those around him quickly come to understand it’s a heart and soul bigger than Texas that sustain and nurture his relationships. In essence, Brad cares. And it’s been an honor to know him as a friend and colleague for many years.

Teri Hires, SVP - Executive Consultant at PDI Ninth House

Brad has been a significant value add for me in the transition process. His technical competence, deep knowledge and insights were critical to keeping me focused on the important points of the search process. He offered creative alternatives to problems and was an excellent listener. Brad’s ability to assimilate the salient points of a situation and re-frame the issues in a easy to understand way helped cut through the clutter and fog of so manner transition problems. His support and caring for each client as an individual make him an superior counselor in a critical process. I would recommend Brad to any C Level professional. He is the reliable professional that is needed when transition assistance is critical.

Michael Marcus - Chief Financial Officer

lewis-newman-cpa-mba“I highly recommend Brad Smith to any Senior Executive in transition that is seeking guidance in their search for their next position. I have known Brad since January 2011. During this time, Brad has been a great coach, well respected adviser, and a dear true friend to my job search. Each time when I meet with Brad, I can count on him for sincere, no nonsense advice in my career search. For all of us Executives, Brad provides sound advice on current recruiting methods, networking, resume preparation, interviewing skills, and tactical methods for handling obstacles in our job search. Brad is also great about bringing in subject matter experts that can help all of us with our search. Most importantly, Brad is someone that you can trust. You can always rely on him to make himself available to you, keep things confidential, and do what is in your overall best interest. Brad also has a great sense of humor!!! Each week my friends and I look forward to his ‘Friday Chuckle’ to cap off our week.”

Lewis Newman - Chief Financial Officer

“Brad Smith is an excellent coach and mentor, I am fortunate to have found him. He is seasoned, and slightly irreverent – which I appreciate. He has been especially helpful to me, using humor to temper his critical yet helpful feedback in an honest way. He provokes you to think about things differently, and be self-critical, as any good coach should. He doesn’t BS or sugar coat the things you need to hear, and I appreciate the honesty. I don’t need someone to tell me what they think I want to hear just to keep a check rolling in.”

Director of Human Resources: Rineco Chemical

“Brad was introduced to me by a much respected corporate leader during a particularly challenging period of my career. Despite the Atlantic we quickly formed a relationship that enabled me to share & discuss the various confusing elements of my business challenges. Brad’s experience, coaching & desire to comprehend, led me to a state of clarity & comprehension that turned that debilitating challenge into a golden opportunity.

Brad is the sort of bloke you want around you when the going gets tough, he lives it with you & works to get clarity for you. And it doesn’t end when the coaching has reached conclusion, every week I receive a mailed snippet of wisdom, I look forward to it because in our world wisdom is a rare commodity.”

Graham Harraway, Operations Director (acting), Mission Assurance & EESH Manager at Lockheed Martin UK

john-p-quinones“I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of having Brad as my career coach and friend. His knowledge of the subject is matched by few in the industry and his ability to work with individuals of varied backgrounds is something for others to emulate. Throughout the process from the beginning orientation to strategy formulation and finally implementation Brad continues to provide the naked truth couple with unsurpassed support. His ability to keep you on track, focusing on what is important while being a compassionate confidant is rare among individuals. I would definitely recommend Brad for those seeking a career coach above the rest.”

John Quinones, Chief Information Officer

lee-mulkey-alm-company“I would like to recommend Brad Smith as an executive coach and expert in helping senior executives during their transitions. I have known Brad since 1991 when he helped me through my first executive transition. Over the years I have found Brad to be exceptionally gifted in communicating the obvious when it was not clear to the executive trying to navigate a career transition, especially for the first time. Brad knows what works in finding the next opportunity. Brad has a direct manner which eliminates ambiguity. His folksy humor helps guide the executive through the tough parts of a job search. He is very well connected in the national search and human resource community. Finally, Brad is someone you can trust; he is very confidential and is a true servant leader.”

A. Lee Mulkey, President, ALM Company

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brad during the time of my career transition. Without fail Brad has been there for me with fresh ideas constantly challenging me to step outside of the box as I think about my approach to my next career opportunity. He is approachable, refreshingly honest and most especially a good listener, all important attributes when one is in unchartered territory such as career transition.”

Pam Van Dyke

“Brad Smith is an excellent coach and mentor, I consider myself fortunate to have him in my corner. He is wise, funny, smart and slightly irreverent. He’s caring and compassionate, giving unselfishly of his time and talent to help others succeed. He has been especially helpful to me, using humor to temper his critical and helpful feedback in an honest way that is easy to take! He provokes you to think about things differently, a refreshing perspective that has been very helpful for me. He won’t BS you or sugar coat the things you need to hear, and I am grateful for that!” August 16, 2011

Michael Costello, MBA, HCS, Principal, The Decision LLC

“My name is Steve Money a C level executive and I am highly recommending Brad Smith as a transition coach. His business and personal wisdom is results driven and will exceed your expectations. He is honest and will hold you accountable to follow his proven networking methods to help you land the job of your dreams. His package includes his transition stategy, resume writing done for you, interviewing skills/presentation, linkedin setup, personal testing for skill set/strengths, accountability, motivation, and how to use recruiters in the most effective manner. The most important thing I gained was a new freind for life named Brad Smith. He is the best in the business. Brads method and wisdom landed me my dream job.” May 10, 2011

Steve Money, CEO Estes, Inc.

mitch-pisik“Brad has worked with several friends and business acquaintances of mine. Based on what they have told me about what he has done for them, and what I know of Brad as a friend, I would highly recommend his services. He is bright and experienced, empathetic yet direct, and professional in his approach and demeanor. He has dedicated himself to improving the professional lives of others – and his efforts have reaped substantial benefits for many.” May 1, 2011

Mitch Pisik, President and CEO, Breckwell Products

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Brad, both personally and professionally, for over a year now. Brad is an insightful leader with the ability to guide candidates in the creation of customized, realistic and actionable career goals and plans. Brad has a flexible and engaging style that enables him to work well with senior executives of all functional backgrounds and temperaments. He is an intelligent and passionate career coach and is always focused on helping his clients achieve their goals. Brad is a trusted advisor and I highly recommend him.” April 15, 2011

Robert Kieztman

paul-hattimer-ccm-private-club-social-media“Brad Smith helped jumpstart my job search. There are new rules for today’s job search and Brad has the rule book. He put me in touch with many resources that I was unaware of and got me involved with several networking groups. Brad’s years of experience make him a very valuable resource when reaching out to area recruiters and companies.

Brad assisted in nearly every phase of my search. We started with a brief orientation of what to expect in the new job search market and developed information on what to present in my resume and cover letters. Brad shared the best techniques to use for informational interviews, phone interviews and live interviews. I always felt well prepared going into an interview because of the time and effort that Brad put into our interview preparation sessions.

Throughout the process Brad offered unvarnished truth and unwavering support. He is punctual, professional and a man of great integrity. I would highly recommend Brad whether you are a student entering the workplace for the first time or a worker who finds themselves unemployed after many years in the workplace.” December 14, 2010

Paul Hattimer, CCM

Stanton WilliamsBrad is very well connected in DFW, is a no nonsense coach and consistently helps executives successfully navigate career transitions. He’s a giver and through our relationship I’ve been connected to great people and great resources that have enabled me to find the leadership role that is best for me.”

Stanton Williams, President, Jones Square

“I was fortunate to stumble upon Brad Smith nearly 2 decades ago. As a principal in a leading outplacement firm, Brad guided our executive transition team through a difficult period with minimal disruptions. From that point, he was our “go-to” person in all similar situations. Brad goes beyond the immediate business situation to form long term mutually beneficial relationships. He is a trusted resource and partner in business and personal matters. Throw in a unique if somewhat incorrigible sense of humor and you have a true winner. I’m pleased to continue my relationship with Brad as he embarks on a new journey to aid young people in their transition from college students to professionals. His wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with his delivery will benefit a new generation in transition.”

Joe Estill, VPHR, AECOM Federal Services Group, FT Worth, TX

michael-mike-blewitt“I don’t hesitate to recommend Brad to friends or colleagues. He’s a wealth of information, and excellent at helping clients/candidates with an effective job search. He’s smart, direct, practical and pragmatic, and a really decent human being on top of it all. I enjoy spending time with him whenever possible as I alway learn something from him. A very thoughtful, caring, and insightful guy.”

Michael Blewitt, Chief Human Resources Officer, Archon Group, a Goldman Sachs Company

“So Brad is 2 for 2 with long-distance career coaching from Texas to Chicago. Not bad (my roommate and I even started our new jobs on the same day – you’d think this was a cheesy chick-flick). Sound interesting? Keep reading… If you’re looking for a new career – talk to Brad. My roommate and I both worked with Brad and found our current jobs with Brad, and 7 months later, we’re still really happy. Brad really helped me out by stepping into my life and making me focus ( i.e. not freak out). When I wanted a career change, he helped me find not just that, but a direction. He also had an uncanny way of letting myself be my own teacher and showing me what I was looking for, This is what I believe makes him such a great teacher and coach: He taught me how to learn from myself. After a couple phone calls/chats, Brad helped me focus my resume, get prepared for interviews (biggest advice: DON’T just read up on the company 🙂 and then how to handle negotiating if offers really came to fruition. Also note that I had pretty much NO free time outside of my then/former job; let alone to evaluate another professional route – but he made time and made it work. Brad was an essential 3rd party who lent refreshing perspective and sharp advice (will seriously always remember his interview tips). We were thirsty for a healthy, new challenge, and we both definitely got it – MUCH thanks to Brad. Definitely reach out and I warm heartedly wish you the best of luck if you’re looking to make the leap! :)”

Kristen Olson, Chicago, IL

randall-l-hatley-sr“Without qualification I recommend Brad Smith. I have worked with Brad in a couple of venues and was never disappointed in the end result. Brad understands the business of people and how to create the environment of self motivation for those he provides his services to. I find Brad to be direct/and point on in his comments. He is always the consummate professional and has a full understanding what a “career coach” should be.”

Randall L. Hatley, Sr., Ft Worth, TX

christie-partee-phr“Brad has been a wonderful resource in helping me find a new career. His expertise in the HR field, along with his excellent personal network, has truly made a difference for me. I highly recommend anyone seeking to either break into the HR field, or to advance their HR career, to secure Brad’s services. You will not be disappointed!”

Christie Partee, PHR, Ft Worth, TX

mike-coffey-sphr“I’ve known and trusted Brad Smith throughout my HR career. He is a wise professional who always offers sage advice. On more than one occasion, he has helped me understand the big picture in a way that is meaningful on both the personal and professional levels. Brad has the ability to quickly cut through all the “stuff” that surrounds a situation and bring focus to the real issues that an individual or organization needs to confront in order to reach their goals. More importantly, he is an excellent facilitator when one is planning and implementing a strategy for personal or professional change. I strongly recommend Brad to any professional or organization in need of wise counsel in the human capital management area.”

Michael Coffey, SPHR President, Imperative Information Group

claudia-duff“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brad Smith for well over ten years and I do not hesitate to recommend him for any career transition, coaching or HR mentoring needs that you may have. His business insight, coaching skills and spot-on observations are consistently accurate, relevant and delivered without fluff. If you want a straight-shooter with a delivery style like no other; someone who really takes your needs to heart, Brad will not disappoint!”

Claudia Duff, VPHR Huckabee, Inc., Ft Worth, TX

“Brad takes your resume and turns it into a personal mission statement. He will give you the tools to be able to tell that next employer how valuable an asset you will be to their organization.”

Colin Sanor, Ft Worth, TX

“In 2008 my position was transferred overseas and I elected not to relocate. As a result, I found myself in a layoff position for the first time in my 20+ year career as a senior human resources professional. Not only had I not interviewed externally in over seven years, but was now on the market in the worst downturn the economy had seen since the great depression. Utilizing my company’s outplacement package, I began my job search with a shiny new resume and full of confidence that it would not be long before I found a company that recognized the value I could bring to their organization. As one month turned into three and three into six, my confidence began to wane. I was doing everything I had been coached to do and yet interviews that I thought had gone very well were leading nowhere. It was soon very clear to me that I needed focused assistance –not just a follow-up call from the outplacement representative asking what I had done for that week. I needed assistance to understand why my hard work was not producing the results I was seeking. I contacted Brad in early 2009 regarding his service. During the conversation I expressed to Brad the frustrations I was experiencing and shared that that my confidence and positive attitude were taking a beating. During our first meeting as Brad described how he could assist me, I knew that his service was exactly what I was seeking. What makes Brad’s career counseling services different is the personal investment he makes in the client. Your job search journey becomes a partnership – with Brad there to support you all of the way. The first step in that journey was a long conversation to identify the key components of my ideal role, the value I felt I brought to an organization, etc. Like all great coaches and counselors, Brad required me to do the work to really identify my unique strengths and skills so that I took to heart the value that I bring to a role. He also challenged me when necessary. Brad helped me regain my confidence and was there throughout the process to listen and guide me to success in my job search. I highly recommend Brad’s services to anyone who has been impacted by a layoff, is looking to make a career change, or is new to the job market. However, if you are looking for someone to give you a checklist of action items and touch base once a week, this is not the service for you. But, if you are willing to do the required work and have a partner through each step of your job search journey – a partner who will assist you in identifying your unique strengths and qualities, challenge you to establish realistic expectations, build your confidence through preparation, and be there to listen and keep you focused on the positives – this is the service for you.”

Sheryl Dumas, Lockheed Missile and Fire Control, Grand Prairie, TX

“Feedback from our employees consistently highlights Brad’s great sense of humor, expert career advise, and his unique capability to deliver the “tough love” messages that are often needed to get individual’s to focus on realistic career goals and plans. I can highly recommend him for any career counseling challenge, but especially those that involve early career individuals that need focus and realistic goals.”

Gary McPherson, EVP, Human Resources, Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control, Grand Prairie, TX

“I benefited from Brad’s vast experience and wisdom when I wanted to work for a larger company. He coached me each step of the way, and thanks to his expert advice and help, I was shortly hired to fill the perfect management position for me at a turning point in my career. Brad gives detailed guidance and demonstrates genuine care about the success of his clients. I can’t imagine making my next career move without consulting Brad. Hiring him is a valued investment in my career advancement.”

Becki Bellino, PHR, Ft Worth, TX

“Brad is aware of providing value and goes the extra mile to deliver it.He makes it a point to learn his client’s needs in order to provide the most effective and efficient service.”

thomas-rosella“I have known Brad for a number of years and one of the things that stands out is that Brad is very knowledgeable and has been a great source of counsel to his customers, clients and peers. He has a depth of knowledge in many areas and shares that knowledge freely whenever it is appropriate. His keen sense of humor helps to make him very approachable. If you want/need honest, meaningful counsel and direction Brad is your man.”

Tom Rosella, Vice President Sales, Midwest Region, DBM, Phoenix, AZ

“I first became acquainted with Brad when I joined Crescent Real Estate Equities, Ltd., in January 2000. During the following six years, Brad professionally and effectively helped guide the career transitions of multiple executives leaving our company. Brad always had two goals in mind: 1) Prepare the exiting executive to secure meaningful employment, and 2) Mitigate the associated risks with each exit. I was very pleased with the entire process and the results of each exit. In July 2007, Crescent announced its sale to Morgan Stanley. As with many company divestitures, some positions became redundant and reductions-in-force were required. Brad and his team were partners with us every step of the way, including providing “inside counseling” and advice to HR, to making formal presentations to our executives, to one-on-one meetings with managers and employees. During and after the reduction-in-force process, several of our managers and exiting employees commented about Brad’s direct and honest advice and direction, his realistic approach, and his inspiring and encouraging coaching methods. To my knowledge, there were no legal issues that arose from the process and our former employees secured positions with other companies – missions accomplished!Brad is great friend and the utmost professional in his field. He is able to help every person at any level or season of life. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Brad for anyone seeking career transition services.”

Tom Shaw, former VPHR at Crescent Real Estate Equities, Ltd., Ft. Worth, TX; currently VPHR at Noble Royalties, Inc., Addison, TX

“Brad and I worked together years ago at Drake Beam Morin and have had a few opportunities to work together in recent years. Brad is one of the best career consultants I know. He is thorough, creative and well connected. He invests incredible time and energy into his clients and their success. Brad also knows the right balance in motivating and encouraging folks but letting them do the actual work, which is key in any career move. On top of his outstanding skills, he is a very fun person to work with and to be around. He is always upbeat and has an incredible sense of humor. I highly recommend Brad as a career consultant for anyone who is looking to get some great guidance from the master!”

Debbie Waggoner, VP of Performance Consulting, Nodus, Inc. Ft Worth, TX

“It was my pleasure to work with Brad for a number of years at DBM. While he is widely known for his special sense of humor, those who have worked with Brad recognize his passion for providing top-drawer service and his loyalty to his clients. He believes in providing not what has been promised, but more than what has been promised.”

Carol Denton, Owner, Leadership Advisors LLC, Austin, TX

anne-doster-ed-d-bcc“I had the pleasure of partnering with Brad on multiple leadership development and executive coaching initiatives in Fort Worth. He took great pride in understanding all aspects of leadership and career development. His insight into the needs of the customer and ability to connect with all levels in the organization helped us create a customized solution that met defined business outcomes. Bottom line — Brad’s customers trusted him because he did what he said he was going to do. He is a true professional.”

Anne Doster, Ed. D., NCC, Managing Director, Executive Coaching, DBM, Raleigh, NC

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Brad Smith as a consummate professional in career counseling for human resource professionals and newly graduated college students. I have known Brad for 13 years both professionally and personally. During that time he has been a trusted advisor to me and many others in the D/FW business community. I have found his advise and guidance invaluable. I have also witnessed personally his ability to successfully relate to a broad spectrum of diverse personalities in the business world and socially. From a parent’s perspective I have seen Brad interact with his children and the love and care he provides for them. I would trust him with my son and daughter and those who use his services to counsel their children will feel the same I am sure. Finally, no one better understands how to build a value proposition for those seeking career advancement. You will not regret using his services.”

Jesse Owens, Principal-Merle Owens and Assoc. Executive Search, Bedford, TX

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brad for almost 20 years. He and I worked through an extensive transition process with Halliburton that was successful due to Brad’s experience, expertise and compassion for the well being of our employees. In addition, I have relied upon Brad as a personal adviser and friend. Brad possesses the unique ability to balance humor with professionalism that leaves everyone around feeling better for knowing him. I would recommend Brad to anyone that is seeking a highly qualified career adviser, be it coaching, organizational performance improvements, or personal.”

Michael Barber, VPHR, Harbison-Fischer, Crowley, TX

“Brad is a consummate and personable career consulting professional. His assessments of customers or clients are on target. This allows him to find the right solution for the organization faced with the need to go through a reduction in force or a client who is now faced with a challenging job search. I valued working the Brad in the career transition field.”

Deborah Gunderman, former DBM colleague

sandra-mclean-mba-sphr“Having worked with Brad almost ten years ago, I saw first-hand the caliber of service that he brought to his clients. He treated all his clients as if they were the only client of the company. Now, as a client myself, I’ve experienced that same level of service and, although I know better…Brad’s attention to our needs made us feel as if we were his only clients. His wit and sense of humor are one of a kind–and there’s no extra charge!”

Sandra McLean, Global Vice President, Human Resources, Mannatech, Inc.

paul-benson-sphr“I’m a little bit of a slow learner (as Brad might agree, if you really pin him down), so I didn’t hire Brad the first time he called on me as an HR VP in the early 90s. I was concerned that someone that Polished would not be able to relate well to my hourly workers. But later, I had the opportunity to observe him at several HR and business functions, and I came to realize Brad had the natural ability to move “up and down” an organizational chart and relate to each person – from Secretary to CEO with the same level of attention and genuine interest in their situation.

Then I had the opportunity to become his employee, as he hired me into the DBM consultant force in the chaotic post 9-11-01 world of reductions. I worked with him on several assignments, including a 3 month transition center. Again, I saw him treat every client with the same level of respect and involvement.

Finally, almost 10 years after our initial meeting, I had the opportunity to hire Brad to provide services to my employees during a RIF in 2004. We couldn’t afford the “full package”, but Brad tailored a program to our budget, and the program literally paid for itself when the majority of our employees found new companies before their employment ended.

Having known and observed Brad for 16 years, and from multiple vantage points, I can honestly say his character and integrity and persona are the same – regardless of the working relationship, and regardless of whether he’s talking to a six-figure CEO or a person making 10 bucks an hour. Brad is one of the true professionals in this field and a Practitioner of the highest levels.”

Paul Benson, Director of Human Resources, May Advertising, Ft Worth, TX

leslie-sisk“Brad Smith is a giver. He has tremendous insight into people and recognizes the value in everything he experiences. There are but a few people I have been driven to impress. Brad is one. I could not ask for a better coach and mentor.”

Leslie Sisk, Director, Human Resources West Region, Lhoist North America, Ft Worth, TX

Years ago I was offered outplacement service and career counseling with Brad Smith. From the beginning, Brad exhibited extensive knowledge and a genuine caring attitude. During my office visits, I experienced first-hand Brad’s excellent skills and characteristics with each individual he counseled. Later, I worked under Brad as an intern. His mentoring skills and wise advice gave me the confidence and experience needed to find the future career position best for me. During my professional career in the Human Resource field, I had the pleasure of continuing a working relationship with Brad within networking groups, community events and various business and marketing opportunities. He is a highly-respected career advisor; a personable and witty communicator, and a proven trusted friend.

Pam Hackel, President, SALT Productions, Inc., Ft Worth, TX

Marion-DuboisI had a great experience working with Brad. He was a source of inspiration during a difficult time and stayed with me through the entire process. His vast experience in consulting professionals to move ahead in their career was instrumental in assisting me in finding my next position. His approach is very straight forward and to the point. If you are willing to work at it he is the man that can guide you in the right direction.

Marion DuBois, National Account Manager