Courage Under Fire

The finest person I ever knew once told me that it’s not what we accomplish in life, but what we overcome that counts. I’ve thought of these words quite often over the years, but never more so than when, in 1991, my best friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I was with him when his surgeon told him he had about six months to live and I pray that if I am ever the recipient of similar news,... Continue reading

Executive Exit Strategy

Organizations define the term “executive” differently. Often we need to understand the organization before we agree on the definition. Developing an exit strategy for someone at this level has its own set of unique challenges. Here are some protocol questions for developing a C-Level exit strategy: What are the most important issues when senior or key leaders leave your organization? Which would... Continue reading

Branding & Stuff

We hear a lot about “branding”. What is your “brand”? How are you going to establish your “brand”? What is your “branding” statement? My friend Kevin Turner explains it this way: “You are on a two story elevator with nine other people just like you going to interview for the same position. Right before the doors close the CEO gets on. What can you say to him that will set you apart... Continue reading