Business is about results, not reasons. Are you leaving behind an easily found trail of accomplishments? Companies are interested in what you’ve done especially if what you’ve done has made money for the your company. And you can prove it. It is important to regularly note what you produce in a log or journal or find some other way to keep track because a short pencil is better than a long... Continue reading

Memorial Day

For those who have fought and died for it, freedom has a taste that the protected will never know. Take a moment to reflect. It’s not about having Monday off. It’s about honoring and remembering the people who gave up all their tomorrows so we could have ours. Fly your flag proudly this weekend. Continue reading

Deep Breaths

Never underestimate the value of a deep breath. Taking a deep breath when you’re under stress can provide a much needed calming effect. It can allow you to stop and think instead of panic and react. I read somewhere that the secret to a long life is continuous breathing. I think the secret to a long job search is taking the time to look back and celebrate your successes. Sometimes we get so caught... Continue reading