The Little Things

I’ve read my share of books on ‘Success’ and, in my view, they pretty much say this same thing, only differently. I’d like to write a book, but writing books is a complicated process that takes time, research and talent. And since I’m too stupid for anything that complicated, I like to focus on the little things. When you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.... Continue reading

A Gateway to the Next Chapter

When a C-Level executive is separated the news is heard publicly. And so, often, is the next chapter. What would the next chapter look like if money were not an issue? What would you do first? Why is a traditional outplacement program not the answer? What help would you need with this dilemma? Some ‘situational’ thoughts……………. • A CEO of an automobile company who doesn’t want to be... Continue reading

What Do You Do?

First: Are you leaving behind an easily found trail of accomplishment? More people are interested in what you’ve done than what you think you can do. especially if you can prove that what you’ve done has made money for your company. Second: Do you regularly note what you produce in a log or journal? The first thing is more difficult: If the work you do isn’t worth collating and highlighting,... Continue reading