Getting Back Up

Getting back up, bouncing back or being resilient. Call it what you want, it is quite simply, the ability to take disappointment and get up again and keep trying. If you were at work and you ran into an problem and if solving it meant that you would be more successful, you’d find a way to solve it. If you found out you had the winning lottery ticket with 20 minutes left to claim the $10 million prize,... Continue reading

Making Money

Any day you learn something new is a good day. Any day you take what you’ve learned and make money for your company is a good day. Any day you can be recognized for your contribution is a great day. It helps if you know how your company makes money. People get hired because they can make ‘the company’ money. And……….people get fired because they can’t. Interviews... Continue reading

Some Stuff to Think About for 2012

(Because it’s the little things) Develop a reputation for reliability. Know what you don’t know. Be the first to own your mistake. Look people in the eye when you apologize. Listen. Give credit. Take responsibility. It’s only what people hear. Good questions are better than easy answers. Asking is better than telling. There’s a big difference between asking and accusing. It’s only what... Continue reading