Transition for Beginners

If you are beginning an involuntary career transition or thinking about making a career change, here are a few questions to consider as you begin. Good questions are better than easy answers. • What do I do next? • What do I need to know? • Who knows what I need to know? • What do I need to do to be better than anyone else? • What value do I bring to the market and how do I promote it? •... Continue reading


When asked for our value proposition, most of us give a long winded answer that sounds like it was copied and pasted right out of a Job Search 101. Every time I hear one of these by the third sentence I am thinking about funny things to do on an elevator. A career value proposition is a must have. A short value proposition is a must remember. “I want to be No. 2 to a dreamer.” I heard this six... Continue reading


There are some things that just don’t fit. A car with ‘California or Bust” on the back window heading east, a mini-van competing at a monster truck rally, a tuba in a string quarter, a screen door on a submarine. Fit is “the” intangible and is one of the main reasons why people are hired and….fired! Some organizations try to remove the intangible and test for fit and some just go with their... Continue reading