What’s Important?

Change is an event. Transition is a process. As a coach, I think of transition as being a swift current. It’s strange and it’s cold and before you can swim from the old to the new, you have to test the waters. Sometimes it’s too cold and we want to go back to familiar shores, but we can’t go back. We have no choice but to dive in and start gasping and swimming often with no... Continue reading

So, You Want to be Your Own Boss?

If you are really interested in entrepreneurship, here are some questions that might help you get started: 1. If it is a service……….what do you do so well that someone is going to pay you good bucks to do it? 2. Who are you trying to please? 3. Are you trying to make a living, make a difference, or leave a legacy? 4. How will the world be different when you’ve succeeded? 5. Is it more important... Continue reading