There are some things that just don’t fit. A car with ‘California or Bust” on the back window heading east, a mini-van competing at a monster truck rally, a tuba in a string quarter, a screen door on a submarine.

Fit is “the” intangible and is one of the main reasons why people are hired and….fired! Some organizations try to remove the intangible and test for fit and some just go with their collective gut.

How does the candidate test for fit? How does he or she know to look beyond the compensation and determine if the culture is right for them?

We tend to focus on salary because, I believe, it is the first tangible and the easiest to quantify. Culture, on the other hand, is more difficult to figure out and even harder to confirm. Here’s a tip: Make sure you have your ideal culture written down and develop questions to determine if this culture is right for you. Money is important, but when you are enamored with the ‘what’ and forget the ‘who’, chances are you will only be happy twice a month.

Most people accept a position for ‘things’ and leave a position for people. When you join only for things – you can look forward to Fridays. When you join for people – you can look forward to Mondays.

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