Hey, Wait A Minute…………..I’m a Blogger!

I read my first blog about five years ago and I thought, heck………………….I can do this.  Well, like a lot of things, it looks easier when you are reading it than when you are staring at a blank screen trying to write it.  I thought about where I wanted to focus and, since I am an employment coach and have always had a natural flair for the obvious, I decided to talk about job search.  At the very least, I will take a deeper dive into the process and focus on some of the “little things” that can make a big difference.  My dad always told me that if you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.

I’ve been in the employment industry for about 23 years as an executive search consultant and as a senior consultant and business development executive with DBM.  I mention this because, even by osmosis, I figure I’ve picked up a thing or two that could be beneficial to somebody, somewhere, sometime.

If the stuff you read here helps you, please share it with a friend.  If I help you look at an aspect of this process from a different perspective, you try it and it works, tell people where you got it.  If you don’t agree or think I’m out there where the buses don’t run, feel free to contact me at either bradsmith@bsmithcc.com or call me at 469-995-5459.  I make every effort to return all my emails and calls by the close of business on the day I receive them.  One more thing….should you choose email, please remember that cement-head is hyphenated.

So, there you have it.  Some of my blogs will be longer than others, but most will be short and (hopefully) to the point.  I don’t like to use 30 words if three will do.  I can’t promise you will like or agree with all of them.  I can promise that they will be different.  And, in my head, different isn’t good or bad……..it’s just different.

Earlier this year, after reviewing the content of my website, a friend commented, “I like the way you write.  It’s different”.  Then she asked me if I liked to write.  I took a quote from David Feherty and replied, ‘I don’t like to write.  I like to have written.’”
I hope some of you will feel the same.

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