Folding Sheets

I found my ‘good husband’ hat this morning so I decided to finish folding the laundry while my wife slept.

I did the towels first because there was a big pile of them, they’re square, the same size and thus the easiest to fold. After the towels, I was on a role so wandered over to the dryer to see what was next.

Sheets! I hate folding sheets especially fitted sheets. Watching me fold a fitted sheet is like watching an octopus fall out of a tree.

So there I am, looking like I’m shadow boxing with a circus tent when it occurred to me that a fitted sheet is easier to fold than a towel because the expectation is so low that you’ll do it right, any finished product will do even if it looks like a wrinkled beach ball.

Nothing like setting low expectations when you want to create an illusion of accomplishment.