Different Stuff

If you are in transition. If you are thinking about a transition. If you are not in transition and you are worried you might be soon, then you might want to skim through this stuff. It’s like chicken soup………it couldn’t hurt.

• Create a newsletter for every one in your network on the same day every month even when you’re not asking for anything. Just to keep them in the loop otherwise they will think you landed a new position.
• Pay attention to people who mention you online and engage with them in a way that they prefer to be engaged.
• Show up at events in your target industries. Allow the players to get to know you.
• Find an accountability partner who is not afraid to hurt your feelings.
• Take a vacation when you’ve earned one.
• Write a thank you note every single day, to someone who doesn’t expect one.
• Build your permission asset by 1% every day. Every day, 1% more people are eager and happy to hear from you.
• Write stuff. A blog. A bio. A book. A recipe. A grocery list. Just write.
• Give more than you get. Connect people in your industry without thought of return.
• Position yourself as a professional services provider.
• Take a consultative selling course.
• Simplify your business card and hand them out every chance you get. You could even win free stuff.
• Do volunteer work where you can make a difference.
• Join at least two transition networking groups and show up regularly with something to offer.
• Get used to asking questions of people you don’t know.
• Get used to asking questions of people you do know.
• Get used to asking questions.
• Keep in touch with people who you used to work with and continue to help them get good positions and new business.
• Build a networking pipeline that is in place more than a year before you need it.
• Do your due diligence. Reduce surprises.
• Never substitute reasons for results
• Never, ever fail to help other people.
• Never, ever be late.
• Never, ever take more than you give.
• Be different.
• Be better.
• Or be cheaper

Action conquers fear.