The Meaningless Many

Last year I was invited to facilitate a senior executive transition group comprised of 63 CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs and CMOs with an average weekly meeting attendance of 25. At a recent meeting, the question was asked, “What are you doing new, different or creative that is generating activity in your search?” Tracy Heiner, a Vice President of Sales candidate (a good one) offered what I thought was... Continue reading


I was driving back to my office last week from a meeting at Colonial Country Club. The place of the meeting is important for two reasons: 1) I like telling people I had a meeting at Colonial Country Club and 2) Colonial is in south Ft Worth and I live in northwest Dallas. So, here I am, plodding along through midday traffic when a minivan whizzes by me at 80 mph. Ordinarily this wouldn’t have affected... Continue reading

Wasting Food

The little girl loved Easter because all her family including her great grandmother, grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins came to her house. Most of all, she like helping her mother prepare their traditional Easter ham. As she watched her mother put this year’s dinner in the oven she asked, “Mommy, why to you cut off the back of the ham?” Her mother replied, “because that’s... Continue reading

A Father’s Day Tribute

I think everybody wishes their parents were something else…cooler, nicer, just less…..them. When I was 15 and in high school, he wasn’t very smart. When I was 18 and a freshman in college, he began to show signs of intelligence. When I was 24 and in Southeast Asia, he was a genius. And when I was 30 and a husband, he became my best friend. When you choose your friends, you should make every effort... Continue reading

Obstacles & Conditions

These are not interchangeable. We are faced with one or the other all the time and it’s important to know the difference especially if you are in a job search. Here are my definitions (feel free to disagree): We can control what happens when we come up against an obstacle. We can only respond to a condition. Obstacles are designed to go over, under, around or through. When something or someone is... Continue reading

When the Phone Stops Ringing

It’s been a couple of weeks since you received the “tap on the shoulder”. Your company is going in another direction and your position has been eliminated. Tough news to receive no matter your age or position. It would be tougher if your friends and colleagues didn’t reach out to lend their support. They do. They tell you how much they are going to miss working with you and that you were the... Continue reading

Say What?

Saying a lot when a little will do, is the problem with just about every lame speech and every overworked company email. People write and talk and bullet and still manage to say nothing. Here’s an example, “Our company will remain competitive in our constantly changing market by creating and maxumizing innovative and dynamic methods of providing cost effective, quality products and services... Continue reading

Doing the Right Thing

The difficult thing about having your own blog is that you have to come up with something to write every week. Good bloggers can do it daily or even hourly. I am not one of those people. The good thing about having a blog is that you get to write whatever you want and put it out there where anybody can read it. In my case, I don’t care if the reader agrees with what I write. I only care that someone... Continue reading

Credibility: What We Don’t Do

About six years ago, one of our executive coaches and myself were in a meeting with two executives from a large manufacturing company. We were discussing a coaching program for an EVP of engineering who was brilliant, but had more baggage than Samsonite®. This is a fairly common occurrence in high technically functional environments, because they have a tendency to promote their best clinicians. The... Continue reading

I Don’t Like “like”

Recently I had the privilege of working with my niece, Megan. She had interned with a local company the summer before, and she was hoping to get her first job there after she graduated. We spent the majority of our time working on her interviewing skills. During our first conversation I noticed that she said the word “like” a lot. It was, like, when she was, like, looking for, like, the next word,... Continue reading

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